Posts from November 2020

Finding a job is hard enough in the middle of the worst pandemic and economic crisis in living memory, but when you’re 59 and competing with people a third of your age, it’s easy to be despondent. 
Every time I found a job I was perfect for, hundreds of other people had already applied - and even though some were roles I was almost born to do, I wasn’t getting so much as a flicker of interest. 
“Could it be your age?” my wife and daughter asked, tentatively. And perhaps they had a point. 
For while age discrimination is outlawed in the UK, it would be impossible to prove when the employer has hundreds or even thousands of applicants to choose from, almost all of them likely to have a degree, which I don’t. 
Redundancy can be scary. Victor Meldrew didn’t like it at all, and saw it as having one foot in the grave. In fact, he famously couldn’t believe it. 
But redundancy can be a blessing in disguise. 
Firstly, it can shake you out of a rut you might never have managed to climb out of. Secondly, it forces you to change your life. And thirdly, it can come with a cash cushion that will make your landing that bit softer. 
You could spend all that money on a lime-green Lamborghini, of course, and which of us wouldn’t be at least slightly tempted to do that? 
But, at the risk of upsetting Lamborghini dealers by steering you away from that particular dream, you could use that money instead to take revenge on your boss by becoming your own - and being the success you always knew you could be. 
We're excited to welcome one of franchising's brightest and best young stars to the team 


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