Franchise  Recruitment  

Franchise  Recruitment  

Imagine a world without the frustrations, time and costs associated with lead handling… 
Imagine a world without the frustrations, time and costs associated with lead handling… 

Professional Lead Handling 

Franchisee recruitment can sap time and resources like nothing else in your business. It’s a highly specialist field requiring a very particular set of skills, as Liam Neeson might put it. 
By outsourcing to people who know recruitment inside out and have the results to prove it, you free up your time to focus on your brand and development. That’s a win-win if ever we heard one. 
Our franchisee recruitment service, led by Nikki Haythorne QFP, offers everything from initial qualification to taking prospects through the entire process and ready to sign up. It’s highly cost-effective and professional, and integrates with your in-house CRM and team to give you the data that keeps you in complete control. 
Imagine the effect that could have on your growth. It's a nice vision, isn't it? 

How it Works 

Take your prospects on a journey - the typical steps are below, to which we tailor extra stages, from Discovery Days to spending time with your franchisees 

Initial Response 

First contact matters - quick, informative and engaging 

Application Form 

Tailored questionnaires filter prospects & deepen relationships 

Follow-up Calls 

By Skype or phone, where serious candidates truly stand out 

Face the Franchisor 

Meet the prospects ready to sign up and launch their business 

1:1 Meetings 

Getting to know them, measuring personality & psychological 'fit' 


Only the cream of the crop make it to this stage of the process 

Franchise Marketing. 

Attract enquiries from the right audiences on their terms 

Franchise Resales. 

Maximise resale prices to benefit your franchisees and increase network/brand value 
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